[transient collection] Design Manuals
University of Nottingham
Final Undergraduate Project

In support of the design thesis several design manuals were developed alongside the project outlining more detailed elements of the process, programme, construction and design.

Process Documents 1&2;
These documents are essentially sketch book records throughout the whole year, primarily focusing on the formal designs.

Research / Briefing Document;
This document outlined the research and development aspects of the project.

One of many maps visualising several climates, environments and habitats within the Isle of Sheppey

Topographic Map

Project Inspiration

Infographic of the Glasswort annual cycles and ‘reddening’ process

Glasswort / Sodium Carbonate history in glass production

Projecting Sodium Carbonate yields and the resulting project feasibility with using Glasswort

Programmatic theorisation

Spatial / User Document;
This document beings to outline the spatial requirements for the developed programme and more detailed occupancy speculation.

Lens processing programme spaces

Import and Storage spaces

Processing spaces

Artist Blurb

Sustainer Blurb

Open Theme [Environment];
This report focuses on the speculative business models for the proposed programme, with a predominate focus on the environmental impacts.


Business Models

Business Models

Open Theme [Structures];
This report outlines and researches the implementation of glass in a structural capacity for the project.

History of Glass usage

History of Glass usage

Glazing variation

Glass applications in construction

Glazing systems

Load bearing system

Transient Archive;
This book represents an example of the potential variations that would result from the glasswort collection and subsequent lens creation and use. It attempts to document how the seasonal variations in the glasswort would translate into photographic variations.